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Y Incubate – a playbook for young entrepreneurs

Initially, the project was meant to create a toolkit to increase incubators’ performance. During the transnational project meetings, and after examining the needs of the target audience, the design team has decided to produce a multilayer toolkit to help young people learn about and prepare themselves for the challenges of entrepreneurship. Y incubate incorporates a set of instruments, both digital and physical, to make young people aware of their skills and encourage them to enter the world of entrepreneurship. It aims to become a powerful resource for tackling unemployment across Europe.

The game 


Playincubate is a game to train and test young people’s entrepreneurial Capacity. The game is made of two fundamental components:

The Offline section: a book full of challenges and a game board to display your journey as a map.

The Online platform: a website to keep track of your journey, unlock achievements and badges, record your progress on a learning journal and finally gain access to extra resources, available at the website. 

Like a Hero’s journey, playincubate will take youngsters on a path to explore 4 lands that focus on different aspects of their entrepreneurial development:

Divided between the lands are 17 challenges, that guide the players from self assessment, to idea generation, team building, prototyping, and more.

These challenges will push young people towards starting their entrepreneurial journeys, expanding their mindset, testing business ideas and finally creating value and impact for their local communities through real life projects!